Emmett was here…..

Emmett was here…..

Emmett leaves his mark in random places through out the day. Most often we overlook them because we are so used to these marks.

However, on occasion something will stick out and catch our attention. Today was one of those days. I walked into the bathroom to turn off the light and was greeted by a tower of toilet paper, compliments of one Mr. Emmett John.

This is his way of letting me know he was here.  🙂



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LOL! A couple of days ago, I walked into the kitchen and there were five glasses with eggs in each of them… I then realised that Bethany was generalising.
Some months ago, her big brother had put one of those funny eggs that 'hatch' letting out a baby dinosaur…
I found a solution: These eggs are white so now I try to buy brown eggs at the store. She knows these are the ones I make omelets with so she doesn't put these in water to hatch baby dinosaurs!


That is absolutely too cute! I can usually tell Sayge has been in the bathroom by the pieces of toilet paper everywhere LOL

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