Upset over the most bizarre things -

Upset over the most bizarre things

Holy crap, we’ve only been up an hour an we’ve already had one meltdown. This one belonged to Emmett and was over the most bizarre thing..

Emmett had oatmeal for breakfast,  while Elliott and Gavin had Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Emmett began freaking out because Gavin was eating something different than he was.  Apparently, he wanted Gavin to eat the same thing he was.  This set Emmett off and sorta disrupted things for awhile. 

He gets upset over the most bizarre things….

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Jimmy got upset yesterday because mcdonalds gave him a double plain cheeseburger instead of a single one by mistake.  luckily i could just pull one of the patties off and the world was ok again.  geesh…it sure is draining.


HollyTerchila tell me about it.

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