We actually had company today -

We actually had company today

Lizze’s best friend from high school, Yvette, came over today and brought her daughter Sayge.

Lizze and Yvette haven’t seen each other since shortly after Gavin was born. This was a long overdue reunion and hopefully the first of many. The boys loved playing with Dagger, especially Emmett.

I haven’t seen Lizze this happy in a very long time. I’m excited that she has this part of her life back.
Now all we have to do is get Nikky, Lizze and Vette together. Lizze would absolutely love that.

We never, ever have company. No one ever comes to visit us, so this was a very pleasant experience for all involved.

I was a pleasure meeting you Yvette and Sayge.

– Lost and Tired

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I absolutely had a blast! I loved catching up with Lizze & meeting you & the boys. Seeing Gavin again was a delight, but made me feel that much older LOL It was definitely one visit of many more to come! I haven't laughed like that in so long! I loved it! Love you guys πŸ™‚


I. am. jealous. HEAR THAT VETTE?!?!?! LOL!! Ahhh I wish I could just drop by… I would so love that!


So would we πŸ™‚


LOL Well Nikky, it's not like I will be able to stop by like constantly if that makes you feel any better! I may live in the same state, but I am still about an hour& a half away LOL With gas prices these days it kinda limits my travel! LOL We would love to meet you though!

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