What is Occupational Therapy? (part 3) -

What is Occupational Therapy? (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of my What is Occupational Therapy mini-series. Today I’m sharing some more of Emmett’s OT (Occupational Therapy) sessions with you. I hope this helps you to have a little better understanding of some of the things that take place during an OT session. Keep in mind that these sessions are geared for Emmett’s particular sensory needs, so it may be different for your child.

In this video Emmett is doing Bounce and Crash. This helps Emmett with his need for deep pressure or impact type sensory needs. I think this is by far Emmett’s favorite OT exercise.

My goal here is to allow people to experience things that they may not otherwise have a chance to experience. I also want to help parents that may be new to this journey have a better understanding of what some of these therapies are actually like. I truly hope this helps everyone gain a little more insight into the world of special needs parenting.


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