Elliott’s absolute favorite song/video

Elliott’s absolute favorite song/video

Elliott absolutely LOVES this song. He walks around the house singing this all the time. Honestly, I like the song and think it’s hilarious, especially after seeing the original video.  The song drives Lizze crazy and she hates it with a passion. However, despite her dislike for this song she allows Elliott to sing it to her all the time. Elliott and I have been sitting on the couch and watching this over and over while singing along.. I like that he has developed his own  tastes. He just can’t get enough of the Double Rainbow song. He wanted to share this on the blog so all of you could “watch it and be happy”. How could I say no to that?

Elliott hopes this makes you happy. 🙂  Isn’t he sweet……..




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Lost and Tired


Gail-Anne Bobik

Thanks Elliott, that was a really nice break in my Monday!


🙂 Thanks Elliott !

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