The language barrier is killing me -

The language barrier is killing me



Just got done with a huge Emmett meltdown.  It took me forever to figure out what was upsetting him. I knew it had something to do with this basketball hoop.

Emmett was so upset and screaming so loud it was like needles in my brain and I didn’t already have a migraine like Lizze did.  As it turns out Emmett was upset because the bottom sections of the net were twisted. 

Look at the pictures and I have it circled to point out the twist in the net. For some reason Emmett was all out of sorts over these twists in the net. 

When I say Emmett is particular about things, I mean Emmett is particular about things? I need instructions or an easy button before I pull what little hair I have left out…… Sigh

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I can totally relate!!!!
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Amy Knox

In answer to this post I'll copy my most recent status… You are not alone in the communication barrier pull your hair out game! "John has been crying non stop for 30 mins. Why you ask would a child who went to the amusement park, water park and mall play heaven all in one day be crying himself to sleep? Why because his favorite deodorant (that he packed and took to Carowins) was left in the car and I was too tired to go back and get it. YES at 1AM I was in the trunk digging for deodorant…God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I didn't know it was the deodorant causing the meltdown (like I would make him scream on purpose?!) until I carried him kicking and screaming to his bed (both of us exhausted) and as a last ditch effort to "tell me" he lovingly "patted" the place of honor on his bed shelf where the deodorant usually lives!


Wow. I have been there. Thank you for sharing…. That\’s rough.. I wish you all the very best.


Emmett's particularness (it's a word, I swear 😉 ) seems to be the visual component of his sensory defensiveness. When something doesn't look the way it's supposed to, his brain sends off massive alarm bells, throw in his communication difficulties and hey presto! Instant meltdown, must be very frustrating for you guys. I got sent into sensory overload by a training course yesterday to the point of being sick, it was horrible.

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