Emmett’s Immunological results came back

Emmett’s Immunological results came back

We got the results back late this afternoon for the rather extensive testing that took place about 2 weeks ago. The immunologist was concerned that Emmett may be suffering from the same immunological disorder that Gavin suffers from. The reason for the concern is that Emmett has these random week long fevers of 103oF+ for no apparent reason.

After what felt like the longest wait in the world we received a phone call late this afternoon. I’m very pleased to announce that while we still don’t know the cause of the fevers, they are not a result of an Immunol deficiency. Needless to say, this is quite the relief. Lizze and I were both very worried that Emmett was heading down the same path Gavin has taken.

We still have to try to figure out what’s causing the fevers but at least we know what it’s not and right now with the way things are going with Gavin, I’ll take that.


Thank you everyone for all the support.

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That's awesome news 😀


Thanks everyone. We are quite relieved.


YAY!!! I've been waiting to see this!!! 🙂 Please tell Lizze I said "I told you so"


this is truly a blessing for the little guy, and the family. Hoping you get some firmer answers, but at least you "know" this much.
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That's wonderful news!
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