It was a total roller coaster kind of #Autism parenting day -

It was a total roller coaster kind of #Autism parenting day

It was a roller coaster type day.  It started out awesome and went downhill when Emmett began struggling after returning home from my parents house.

To say he was in rare form would be a massive understatement but at the same time, he truly was just overwhelmed with life.

I tried a few things to recapture the day and spin things back around to the positive but nothing goes really worked.

The roller coaster continued into the evening but this time, it definitely came around to the positive side of things because Emmett calmed down after some time with the ferrets.

I also got him to just soak in a warm bubble bath as well and that was a great transition into bedtime.  ☺


He went to bed without any issues and as of this writing, is still there.

I’m not gonna lie.  Today took a great deal of patience and there were times that I know I could have done better.

That being said, parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual and sometimes it’s just about feeling our way through the dark and celebrating the little things victories.  ☺

I’m really tired but I’m also feeling like this was a great close to the weekend….

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