Cole Eye Institute: The prep 8/11/2011

They did the basic eye exam.  Then things took a really ugly turn.  When it was time to put the drops in Gavin’s eyes he totally lost it.

I ended up having to hold his head and pry his eyes open.  I haven’t seen Gavin like this is a very long time.  The drops don’t even hurt and he has had eye drops before without any problems.  He was screaming and fighting so badly that he scared the poor nurse that was giving him the drops.

This exam is extremely important so we had to do with we had to do.  I really hope this isn’t going to be a growing trend.  I understand he was nervous but wow,  this was way over the top. He even had what appeared to be an asthma attach and we had to use his rescue inhaler.

God, please let the rest of this appointment go without incident.  Speaking solely for myself,  I can’t take much more of this.  I Hate having to hold Gavin down like this.  It’s physically draining,  emotionally exhausting and makes me feel like a monster.

I can only imagine how Gavin feels and I can see the toll it takes on Lizze. It’s hard enough to go through a of this without having to physically battle Gavin along the way.


– Lost and Tired

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My youngest stepson is mildly autistic. On the hunch that he was beginning to become frightened that he was going to become like his severely autistic older brother, I explained to him the difference between Aspergers and Autism, and told him, authoritatively, that he was not going to become like his brother–ever. The young one was perhaps ten at the time. His shoulders relaxed and he seemed to release his worry. (He had also modeled his behavior after his brother's when the older one was still living at home). FWIW. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.


I went through this with my 9 year old a couple of weeks ago when he needed to have his eyes dialated. We were hoping that his eye exam would show us something as well. We weren't that lucky. I hope you were able to get some answers!
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Gavin I love you my gorgeous pseudo nephew! He looks so happy & cooperative in the pictures ha ha!


thinking of you guys.