The return of the oral fixation -

The return of the oral fixation

For some reason, Emmett’s gone backwards in time and once again seems to have developed an oral fixation. He was like this when he was younger and then it just sorta stopped.

Over the past few months, Lizze and I have noticed this trend returning once again. 

I’m not sure what to make of it but I don’t miss having to remind him not to put things into his mouth. 🙁

With any luck, it’s just a phase and will once again ride off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. 


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All 4 of my kids have oral issues. The writing was on the wall. When they were little they each had to have 2 paci’s, one to suck on and one to hold. My oldest at 12 has outgrown it but replaced it with clapping and finger tapping. My aspie hates food. My third kiddo chews on her clothes and puts things in her mouth all the time. I am constantly telling her to take stuff out of her mouth. My son will chew on his fingers and his clothes as well. I al constantly picking at the skin around my nails and I am a nail biter as well.


JenniferWhynott Emmett never put things in his mouth that I can remember. This is relatively new for us. I feel like if we made a big deal out of it, we’d just be reinforcing it. Flustered..


does he have teeth coming in, like molars? My five yr. old kept putting stuff in his mouth and I went to brush his teeth and discovered he had molars coming in.


rmagliozzi he does have a molar coming in. 🙂


Maybe using it to comfort himself with all the stress going on?


MicheleChaney that’s what I think.

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