The juggling act

The juggling act

I’m going to be very honest and say that I’m beyond overwhelmed right now.  There is just so much going on and not enough time or me for that matter, to go around.

We had the whole school debacle and while we had addressed the immediate need of locating Elliott a new school,  I’m not prepared to let this go just yet.  What happened to Elliott is one of the many reasons we need to fix Autism Awareness.  If the public was better educated about the spectrum part of Autism Spectrum Disorder,  this would not have happened to Elliott.

Gavin is a mystery,  all wrapped up inside of an enigma and dunked in our obscurity.  I mean,  I’ve lost track of the number of doctors we have seen on our journey to help him and yet the issue remains elusive.  I don’t blame the doctors or anyone for that matter. 

With that said,  you would think that Gavin has earned the right to catch a freakin’ break already.  Gavin has survived things that most could only imagine and yet he still has to suffer these degenerative illnesses.  It’s frustrating for me as a father to have to stand by and not be able to fix this or make it better for him. 

Honestly,  at this point,  I’d settle for at least know the identity of what we are fighting.  I think that would at least be something. 

Lizze is back to using a cane again.  She’s in pretty rough shape and I haven’t seen her this bad in a while.  We have a crazy busy week ahead with alot of traveling and I’m not sure how she will handle that. I wish there was a way to make her feel better.  Once again it’s frustrating to have my hands tied and not be able to help her.
Elliott is….on edge alot lately.  He is very anxious and very sad that he’s not going to be with his friends anymore.  His little life is out of his control and he is having a rough time with that.  He needs to be around people his own age and just be aloud to be a kid. 

Emmett starts school this week and I’ll have a post about that later.  He’s doing pretty good and that’s always a good thing.  Hopefully school will continue that positive trend.

As far as I go,  I’m overwhelmed and tired.  I have so much going on and I’m doing my best to stay ahead of the curve but that’s not going very well. 
I’m very excited to get Android4Autism started and already have my first device ready to be donated.  It feels good to be able to give back and actually help another family.  I think it’s a very good experience for the boys as well.  I let them all help in some way so they have contributed to helping someone else.

I feel like my boot has started to slide a bit and I want to address that.  Most of my blogging is done on my phone and for the past few months I have having issues with my Nexus S 4G and so blogging has been difficult.  However,  I am now using a Motorola Photon 4G thanks to Sprint and will be back up and running soon. 

Last night my boot took a dump after a major theme update and so it took me most of last night to get things back up and running.  I basically had to start from scratch.  But I think I have most of it back to normal.

Then there is the usual stuff like bills and the other everyday things that I never seem to be caught up with.  Oh well,  in the spirit of positive thinking,  it could always be worse…

– Lost and Tired

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Jodi Mathis

I don't know what to say here. I have started and erased several comments I hoped would be an inspiration to you. But the fact is that I don't know the struggles you face on a daily basis. You inspire me, and it is unlikely the same could ever be said in the reverse.

Having said that, I wanted to comment regardless, if for no other reason than to remind you that there are people out there rooting for your family! 🙂



I truly appreciate you. Thank you for your support and kind words. Despite what you may think, it truly means alot. Thank you


I love you all and am always here for ALL of you in anyway you need it! Never hesitate to pick up the phone and call/text me! I feel so bad that there are things going on that I can't possibly help fix. I hate seeing any of my friends struggle, especially Lizze. The worst part is not being able to fix it! You are right though, it could always be worse! Much love to you all!

Amy Knox

Some days I just want to block out the whole world…and I'm dealing with a LOT less than ya'll are. It's so hard to never feel like you are doing enough. I fight guilt and feelings of failure all the time. Like you I have learned It could be worse, I'm doing the best I can even when I feel like I'm not. People are depending on me to be there for them, providing for and supporting family and friends is just necessary even when I don't feel like it. So, like you I just push through and do what I can. Thanks to the love of my family, friends and church I do what I can and try not to let the rest bring me down. I and many others are encouraged by all that you DO accomplish so at least know you have support and you aren't alone!

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