The Educational Side Of 4 Of World’s Most Famous Cartoons

A lot of parents complain that their children watch too many cartoon shows. It almost seems to be a cultural thing of the modern day whereby cartoons and video games have truly taken over. But, do children truly spend too much time watching cartoons? Or, do we just like to see the negatives in everything? There is no denying that watching cartoons for 24 hours of every day is bad for you and should not be encouraged. Nevertheless, there are some benefits associated with cartoons and if you read on you can see the educational advantages that can be reaped.


Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo offers a whole host of educational benefits. First and foremost, the concept of the show revolves around problem-solving. Scooby Doo and the gang are followed whilst they use different clues in order to come up with an end conclusion. This will prove to be highly effective later in your child’s life and can be utilized in a wide range of subjects, such as maths and physics. It is important to get your child’s mind active from a young age. This cartoon does exactly that. Your child will enjoy using the clues given in order to try and find out who the bad person is before it is revealed on the show. In addition to this, the programme displays aptly the importance of teamwork. This is important and children should learn about it as soon as possible because a lot of kids develop a tendency whereby they do not wish to share.


Dexter’s Laboratory

The fact that this show is largely based in a laboratory gives a bit of a hint regarding how it could be educational. The laboratory gives children an insight into the scientific world. With the sheer number of medical and scientific courses available online today, from physics to FNP programs online, this could be the show to first pique your child’s interest. They see how the use of different chemicals and liquids can cause a reaction and become a completely different substance, and in this show, the end product is not usually what Dexter was going for. Nevertheless, the opening of the mind to science is very important. Science is a subject delved into later on in life, but Dexter’s Laboratory gives children an insight into what it is all about.


Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a great programme because it displays how intelligence wins over strength or speed. This show is not necessarily filled to the brim what lots of education. Nevertheless, it is a cartoon that provides a vast array of fantastic life lessons. As mentioned, it showcases how important intelligence is, and that is often very much overlooked in the modern day. Tom and Jerry also show that you do not need to be the biggest or the strongest in order to win.


The Powerpuff Girls

This is another programme filled to the brim with great life lessons as well. The Powerpuff Girls are constantly saving the day of someone who is in a spot of bother in town. The reason why the Powerpuff Girls have been successful in providing educational benefits is that they showcase the importance of sharing, how to work together in order to solve a problem, and why you should also try to be charitable and do your thing to help.

So next time your child attempts to watch one of these four programmes, instead of turning the TV off, you may find there are even some great benefits to be had.

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