If only I had hair....... -

If only I had hair…….

The kids are driving me CRAZY. Well,  Elliott and Emmett are driving me CRAZY. Gavin is actually having a good day.  I would be pulling out my hair, if only I had hair to pull out.  So I guess it’s good that I don’t.

Gavin has always been a challenge but lately he’s been doing quite well. He hasn’t been self-injuring since his last stay at Akron Children’s Hospital towards the end of June. 

Elliott has been acting up alot lately.  He’s very whiny and emotional.  He worries about everything and is also starting to present with OCD behavior, like repeated hand washing.  I think that the hand washing is actually staring to resolve itself but he is definitely stressed out and not coping well with life right now.

Emmett is just into everything all the time.  His big thing right now is organizing the refrigerator.  He keeps going into the refrigerator and lining everything up by size or shape.  I think we will need a lock for the fridge in order to keep everything for going bad because he’s always in there. 

Together,  Elliott and Emmett are volatile.  They are both competing for Gavin’s attention all the time.  Gavin prefers playing with Emmett because they are very much in the same level.  Elliott misses playing with Gavin and so he over compensates which becomes frustrating for Gavin.

Today has been filled with screaming, yelling,  whining and crying.  I have had all I can take and the weekend has only just begun. 

We are sending Elliott to Lizze’s parents tonight so he can get a break and so can all of us.  I need to find a new happy place because my old one doesn’t work anymore.

– Lost and Tired

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