I’m getting worried

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I’m concerned that Gavin is slipping a bit farther than he has before. He’s  really struggling with even basic problem solving skills. Here’s just the latest example of what I’m worried about.

Gavin received a new pair of comfy pants to wear to bed or around the house. After trying them on, he came downstairs and told me that they don’t fit him. He went on to explain that they were so tight, he couldn’t even pull them up past his knees. 

Confused by this, I asked to see them because Grandma’s never wrong when it comes to the kids sizes. 

When he brought them over to me, I noticed right away why they were too tight.The drawstring was tied and that’s why the waist and that’s why they didn’t it.

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I asked him to look them over once more and see if he could figure out why they didn’t fit. Needless to say, he wasn’t even slightly close to figuring this problem out . When I pointed out the problem, he became upset and started to punch himself in the head.

This is just one example of how his current status has me concerned.