Fun fact 8/30/2011

Fun fact 8/30/2011

Always read the fine print.  We bought Autism Awareness plates for the van last year when we got it. They were more expensive…actually way more expensive but it was for a good cause.

What I didn’t know was that they were almost 2.5 times more expensive to renew every year.  I just found that out few minutes ago.  Standard tags in Ohio are about $34 however,  my Autism Awareness tags were almost $80 to renew today.  It’s the same freakin sticker.

I just about had a stroke when she gave me the final price.  I also had to renew my license this year as well,  which I had forgotten about.

The moral of the story…..always read the fine print,  even if it’s for a good cause.


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Good to know since I also just got those plates. Oh well, it's a good cause & raises awareness.

Tired Mom

Oops… Sorry about the sticker shock. That's one of the reasons I haven't gotten the autism awareness plate in my state yet. It's more expensive and you have to pay for it every year. You'd think that for a good cause, they'd only make you pay a fee for it once. (Or at least require NO fee; I guess that's too much to ask).
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