Emmett has surgery on 9/07/2011

Emmett has surgery on 9/07/2011

So I told you that we were expecting to hear that Emmett needs surgery.  However, to be completely honest,  I wasn’t prepared to hear it.  I certainly was prepared to hear that it would be in less then a week.

Our new ENT explained that this is very rare. However,  he has seen it a few times before.  He said he will remove Emmett’s adenoids and tonsils. Shouldn’t be a very big deal except for the fact that my 3 year old needs surgery.

He will be admitted for at least 24 hours after the surgery because of his age and developmental delays.  Because Emmett can’t complain or tell us something is wrong,  he wants to watch him for 24 hours to make sure he getting enough fluids and there are no complications. 

We really like the new doctor and he was great with Emmett.  Emmett screamed the entire time and the doctor was very patient and just got down on his level.  When it was over,  Emmett got to pick a prize and a sticker.

They’re great at Akron Children’s Hospital.  Emmett went back 2 or 3 times to trade his prize for another one and they were very cool about it.

As far as next week goes…I have no idea how we are going to pull this all off.  Gavin has his infusion on the 6th,  Emmett has surgery on the 7th (hopefully home on the 8th),  we are back at the Cleveland Clinic on the 9th and back to Akron Children’s Hospital on the 14th. We still have all the standard appointments during the week and Gavin and Elliott start school on the 6th as well.

Gavin will miss the first 2 days of school,  one for the actual infusion and the other for recovery as he got sick the last time. I also think we have something important on the 12th that has gotten lost in the shuffle and I can’t remember what it is.

I’m not sure how to even handle the logistics of all this.  This is going to be very taxing on the kids but also on Lizze’s. This is alot of driving and that in and of itself is going to be difficult for a number of reasons.

Special needs families have many things to overcome,  especially when major health issues are involved as well. For us, this is par for the course.
Not that par for the course is good but at least it’s not our first rodeo,  so to speak.


– Lost and Tired

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My son just had his tonsils and adenoids out a couple of months ago at children's. They were wonderful with him. Just little things- They had rolled in the machine for his blood pressure and he complained about the humming of the machine just sitting there and they removed it no question or weird looks. There was also social worker or pastor, can't remember exactly, but she checked on us multiple times. My son could not communicate his pain and he was pretty evil when they woke him up! They were very understanding about his outbursts but I was the one that had to figure out that he needed pain meds even though he was denying pain. The first few weeks after were pretty bad since he is a teenager but it was so worth it afterwords. It will all work out and he will feel so much better afterwards. Will pray for you!

The Domestic Goddess

I feel you.
Ian had this surgery at the age of 1. ONE. He had his first ear tubes at 9 months, his first ear infection was 3 weeks of age. Poor kid. And today I took his brother to the doc, only to find out they BOTH had ear infections. SUPER! just in time for school!

It's not too bad, honest. The hospital part is rough but they tend to be accomodating and understanding. Just bring all his favorite things, some surprises to pull out once an hour (novel stuff you rarely get) and comfort items from home (like, favorite blanket and pjs). It will go well. The worst part is what drains out of them after the operation. Ew.


Your in our prayer Liz and Rob. Hopefully this will help Emmett feel better!!

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