Prepped and ready to go

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Gavin is prepped and ready to go to his second IgG infusion. About an hour before the infusion is to begin, we apply a cream to Gavin’s skin that will completely numb the area.

This is done so that the experience is as pleasant as possible. He should feel no pain and that will help to make this more of a positive experience for him. We do this at home prior to leaving so that we don’t have to wait an hour after we get there for the meds to kick in. Thia way his arm is already numb and we can get started right away. This shaves an hour off the entire process. Now it should be done in approximately 4 hours.

I wish that I could be there but I will remain at home for when Grandpa brings Emmett home. Lizze is having a rough day again but it was far easier for her to take Gavin then to chase the boys around.

I’m confident that Gavin will do well. He has movies on his Android4Autism device and a PS3 in his room. We have elected to allow video games while at the hospital, despite the problems they cause at home. This is not easy for Gavin to go through and if video games help to ease his burden then so be it.

Good luck big man, Daddy loves you.


– Lost and Tired

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  • Vette says:

    He is a handsome little devil 🙂 <3 you Gavin hope it went well.