Way too much shit going on this week

Way too much shit going on this week

We had enough a jam packed week ahead of us. Thankfully, today is an off day. This week we have two dentist appointments, four psychological appointments, and a big meeting with the department of developmental disabilities. We’re also going to try to make it to see my Grandmother as well. 

Lizze will finish up one class this week and begin another eight or ten week class. While these classes are big sacrifice, they are priceless. ☺ 

This is also the first week the boys and I are going to take in the house, room by room. I’m actually excited about this because I crave organization. I can mange chaotic situations, but I don’t like living in chaos, if that makes sense. 

I have quite a bit of writing to do this week as well. I’m feeling more inspired lately, and I want to run with that. 

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