To my beautifully imperfect family -

To my beautifully imperfect family

I have been working on one of my little movies I make with videos and pictures from the past few years. However, it’s extremely time consuming and time is something that I don’t seem to have enough of anymore.  I had this all planned out and I most of the video cut and edited but I just can’t seem to finish it. So I thought I would do this instead.

I heard this some by Rascal Flatts and it was one of those songs that simply says what I couldn’t find the words for. This song I think says what all of us as special needs parents feel for our children. I don’t think I could have worded it any better and it always brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. I can’t listen to this without thinking of my beautiful wife and absolutely amazing children she blessed me with. Life for my wife and children is not easy, Lizze is in constant agonizing pain…and that’s not an exaggeration… My beautiful boys are facing very difficult and challenges. Some have very serious health problems but all are a constant source of inspiration to me.

They all deserve so much more then what little I have been able to provide them. However, there isn’t a person on this planet that loves them more then I do and that has to count for something…right? I would do absolutely anything for them. We never seem to have any down time because it’s one thing after another.

Right now my baby, Emmett John is in the hospital and once again in pain. I know he’ll be alright but I can’t stay with him and that kills me. Emmett is constantly sick and hopefully this will help to stop this from continuing to happen.

Gavin is experiencing things that no child should ever have to face. He’s slowly losing control over his body and what’s worse is, he aware of it. He has no immune system and requires monthly infusions for the rest of his life.

Elliott is stuck in the middle, all the time. He was forced to change schools because they defined him by his diagnosis and not by who he was. He misses his friends and doesn’t understand why he couldn’t go back and is now dealing with some anxiety and OCD things.

Despite all of this……not one of them ever complains…not one of them. So I wanted to dedicate this song to my family. They aren’t perfect and lord knows, neither am I.  However, each and every one of them are beautifully imperfect. They are my source of inspiration and the single biggest joy in my life. I love you all. 🙂

I think many of you will be able to relate to the words. I think that this should be the official song for Autism and special needs parenting in general.

Lizze, Gavin, Elliott and Emmett, this song says everything that I feel for you. I may not be the best husband or father and I may never be able to provide in the manner in which you deserve. While I will probably come up short in many areas where other fathers and husbands excel, I will stand by each and every one of you through everything….and I won’t let go…ever.

I love you all so very much…


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Rascal Flatts: I won’t let you go

[audio:|titles=Rascal Flatts: I won’t let you go]  Click Here To Play

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Rob this brought tears to my eyes. After knowing what Lizze has been through in her life with other people, and but "other people" I'm sure you know where I am going. After being there to witness some of it firsthand. It is so refreshing to read this & know that Lizze finally found someone who deserves her love. You are truly a wonderful husband and father. You are everything that they need. The fact that you love Gavin and stepped up says everything I ever need to know about you. The fact that you are so supportive and caring of Lizze tells me the kind of man you are. You are truly a hero. Maybe not like Superman, but you are a hero to Lizze, Gavin, Elliot & Emmett! You should always walk with your head held high and proud! <3 you all


nice song thanks Rob. I think it can be the official song . why don't you write one ?

Jouyin Teoh

I think the official song should be "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga.

"God makes no mistakes."

Blessings to you and your family.

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