Coping with depression

Coping with depression

I shared awhile ago about my personal struggle with depression. It’s not something that I talked alot about before but I decided that it was important to me, that I share this part of my story. 

I’m not really sure why people are so uncomfortable talking about depression. I think that by talking more openly about it, we can help to dispel some of the stigma surrounding it. Anytime we can remove the stimgma attached to something, we make steps forward in better understanding it.

I shared previously, that I went back on antidepressant’s a few months ago. I had really begun to struggle with life in the sense that I was very pre-occupied with my own mortality and it had begun to influence some of my decisions. That was something that I wasn’t about to allow to happen. So I decided to retake control and go back to my doctor and get back on medication.

While I’m not a huge fan of medication, it does serve a purpose, if used correctly and in the right situations.

Having been back on meds for a few months I can honestly say that I feel much better than I did before. That said, it’s not all sunshine and roses. I do get frustrated at times because I feel much slower….if that makes sense. I sometimes find it more difficult to write because my thoughts aren’t always as clear as I would like them to be.

At the same time, I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m making better decisions and have much more patience with the people in my life. I have also found that I no longer experience the same disruptive level of anxiety I had been experiencing prior.

I’m very happy with the results thus far. The clouded thinking is really the only side effect that I experience on occasion. I would encourage anyone to seek help if they feel they are experiencing depression. There is nothing wrong or weak about getting help for this. Talking to someone can also be helpful as well.

I’m not ashamed to admitt that I’m depressed and getting help for it.

– Lost and Tired

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what are the symptoms of depression???


Hi Israa, depression varies in severity and symptoms from person to person. There is also a difference between situational depression and chronic depression. has a lot of useful information. You can find the diagnostic criteria for depression by googling 'DSM-IV criteria depression.


thanks Julia.


High five Rob…I have a new best friend called Efexor xr. I'm not worried about telling people, but don't tell people to avoid making them uncomfortable. the best way I can describe it is bring freed. The medication allows me to be myself without having to hold up an exhausting facade of happiness. I'm kinda annoyed with myself for not going down this road sooner.

Jodi Mathis

Great post.

Pam N.

I love your blog! You say the things people don't want to hear and the things that many of us are sometimes afraid to say. You are no holds barred and I can only wish to be that comfortable with my own blogging at some point in the future.
My recent post Dear Sears…The Kardashians? Really?

Thanks for sharing. I can relate.

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