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I’m at the pediatrician..again…with Elliott.  He just can’t seem to get better. Now he has a really nasty cough and the antibiotics have given him,  um,  tummy issues.

Those tummy issues have led to some accidents that are also keeping Elliott home from school. We have also had to break out his rescue inhaler a few times since yesterday. Daddy is going on very little sleep over the past 2 weeks. So Daddy really needs everyone to feel before he goes plum loco.


– Lost and Tired

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  • kathy says:

    Hi –
    I have a few medical questions I'd like to ask you — I don't want to put them online because they're kid related (not specifically to yours). With the "contact you" go right to you?
    Obviously you can ignore me or refuse to answer, but as a mom to 3 kids with autism that are continuously sick and ignored by the medical profession, another seasoned parent's ideas are appreciated.

  • I hope your son recoveres Quickly!!