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Today we had Gavin’s first real Life Interference as a result of his monthly antibody infusions. He was supposed to go on a class field trip today. They went horse back riding at a ranch that works with the special needs community. Gavin was so excited and we failed to realize the conflict until last night.

Can you say disappointment?

Gavin took it in stride though and for that I’m very proud of him. I feel so bad about this because he was really looking forward to this. This was really the first time Gavin has had to miss something he was this psyched about, since we found out the status of his immune system. I did my best to make today as special and fun as possible, and all things considered, I think it went well.

Do you folks ever have things like this happen as a result of your child’s health or condition? How do you help them to cope with the feeling of loss?

I think it would be great to hear from anyone with experience in this area…

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How far away is the camp? You might see if his OT can work something out for him 😉 We have a similar camp back home and horseback riding can help some with low muscle tone I've been told (how much truth to that statement there is I have no idea….) but I know it's an awesome thing for kids like G