Trouble in paradise...already -

Trouble in paradise…already

Already had issues with Gavin this morning. Not listening and trying manipulate his brothers. Elliott and Emmett are going to Lizze’s parents for the night and we were supposed to go to my parents for pizza tonight. However, we told Gavin that because of his behavior, we would not be going to grandmas and therefore not have pizza for dinner.

His reaction was that he didn’t care.

It appears as though we did a better job of punishing ourselves than him. However, if we back down….we just can’t back down.

I suppose we could be a bit more creative. Maybe we still go but he doesn‘t get to eat pizza but instead has oatmeal. That’s a bit more aggressive than I was planning on going with this. Plus, he would likely freak out and ruin it for everyone else.

What to do, what to do………

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