Bloodwork Thursday

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Once again,  we are off to have Gavin bloodwork done for this week.  We go right from school and typically,  Gavin does very well.

This is a necessity because of the medication he is on.  It isn’t fun but the alternative in simply not acceptable.  Thankfully,  we don’t have to battle with him anymore over bloodwork.


– Lost and Tired

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  • Barefoot Liz says:

    What's your trick for making blood work bearable? My son (almost 9) still screams bloody murder when he get his blood taken.
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    • Not sure what happened. It used to take about 8 people to draw blood.

      The one thing that I know helped was not laying down to have it done. Gavin has done very well since letting him sit in the in the grown up chair to have his blood drawn.

      I don\’t know if that will work for you but it did for us.

      Something else to try is a reward for not screaming. That also worked. Gavin does have this done once a week so he has had time to get used to it…