Are you kidding me?

You know something,  our kids are given these scissors to use in preschool. I remember the teachers testing my kids ability to use these scissors as part of their evaluations. Not that it’s a huge deal,  but have any of you ever tried to actually use these things. 
I was trying to cut some paper while making dinner this evening and these freakin’ things don’t even work for me most of the time,  how can we expect our kids to use them?  :O

I get the whole safety scissors thing but couldn’t someone invent something that is equally safe but actually functions? 


– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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If you are looking for something cheap/safe but still workable, we use these at my preschool for children on the spectrum and the kids LOVE them. 🙂
We love them too – because they can't do anything except cut paper. 😀


Haha totally agree Rob! Sometimes there's a slight look of panic in the eyes of parents as i hand their child real (although child sized) scissors. Would I give a child with coordination difficulties a pair of scissors that don't work though?? Not likely. The instability in my fingers has always made cutting a bit of a chore for me, I really sympathise with the kids that struggle with it!