Sensory Input

The other day while at OT with Emmett we learned a new sensory trick that seems to help Emmett out.

Basically,  it’s sour spray.  It provides a tremendous amount of sensory input that benefits Emmett.  He actually seeks it out now.  Although,  truth be told it almost feels like training a dog but it does work and I tend to not question things that work.

If I need Emmett to get dressed and he won’t,  I offer him a spray.  Once he gets the spray he seems more cooperative and will get dressed without as much trouble. 

I know this sounds weird,  and maybe someone can chime in here with a better explanation but it provides a significant amount of input.  The OT’s where we go have been doing this for awhile and it has a similar effect as brushing.  Your particular milage may vary,  as all kids are different but I thought I would share this in hopes it can help someone else.

What we use is Warehead Super Sour.  We got them at the local WalMart for about $0. 75 each. 

Like I said,  it sorta feels wrong but it works and it helps.  Just don’t whistle for your kids to come and get a spray or say things like sit,  roll over ect,  and you should be fine.  😉


– Lost and Tired

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Ah, Warheads! I can't even remember what they tasted like, except that we used to get them at the pool and they were really sour! I could never finish one.

Possible explanation…the mild heat or pain of the sour taste could be releasing a little burst of adrenaline or endorphins, which provide pleasure, pain relief, and focus. If I had to take a guess about why kids in general seem to love painfully sour candy, that would be it. It's thrill-seeking behavior, basically.


Don\’t forget airheads. Those are classic:-)


I was more of a Now 'n Laters fan. 😉


nice idea . thanks for sharing it with us . do you have any tip for drooling !!!!! my son 5 years has this problem and some oral motor problems . but do not tell me training his muscles because we have been doing this since 2 years with no obvious result


THANK YOU for posting this! That is amazing! I am going to grab some today and try it out, why not? Our son loves absolutely loves sour gummy worms, but not any other gummy thing like regular gummy bears or gummy worms, or even fruit snacks. I have wondered why that is. 🙂
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