Thank God Gavin’s doing much better today

I haven’t written much since yesterday because it’s been pretty crazy over here.  Lizze has been in bed most of the day because she’s really not feeling well and yesterday took a lot out of her. 

Everyone is still pretty high strung from having had their routines disrupted, as a result of Gavin being in the hospital, much longer than he was supposed to be. 

That being said, I’m really grateful to be able to say that Gavin is doing much better today. 

He’s still not right but he’s stable for now and that’s all that really matters to me..  we haven’t really had any health related problems today and that’s absolutely a positive thing.  🙂

Thanks again for all the love and support.


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Thank God for sure that he is doing better. It is crazy when we/I say that a good day is that I went into my son’s room in the morning and he was still alive. He was suposed to be alive but he was so sick you never knew. Rob, i notice i say “crazy” a lot in my posts. I hope you or no one else thinks that I am using a derogatory term for mentally ill. I know after my hyserectomy, when i had no hormones or meds (they didnt know my overy they left in me was not working) now that is a different crazy i felt which was mentally ill. only looking back at it did i realize since my hormones werent working that it was making me mentally ill. not crazy like i usually say,but mentally ill. as soon as i got my hormones, i was good. the good thing is that i will always know the difference between me being and feeling “crazy” and being mentally ill. The sad thing was if they put me in a mental hospital it would not have helped. People need to visit a mental hospital or ward before they ever think that might help as i am sure it might help someone but it would not have helped me for my hormone mental illness. You have never said anything Rob about my use of the word crazy, it was just something i thought about and wrote down

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

Great Gavin’s doing better, how do you do it with Lizzy in bed much of the time? Must be hard.

Jason Michael Kasperek

i know its realy off subject but do you still dev in android