The waiting game -

The waiting game

We are in the room now and waiting to see the doctor.  Somethings definitely…off with Gavin.  Right now he’s in the hospital bed,  reading his book but something is just not right. 

Do you ever experience this type of thing?  You know somethings wrong but don’t know quite what it is.  That’s what it’s like at the moment. 

He’s acting……funny and for Gavin that’s saying something. 

This is almost like his blood sugar is low,  although that’s never been a problem before.  The CBC from last night’s blood work was fine,  but they are only checking white blood cell counts.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.  If it’s not to much to ask,  I would love to walk away with actual answers this time and not more questions.


– Lost and Tired

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My Twin B had his sugar bottom out overnight one time. He scared me so bad that I immediately rushed him to the hospital. Have them do a finger poke and check his sugar really quickly. If that's the problem, glucose will fix it fast. I have to check my son's sugar regularly to make sure he's doing ok.

I hope that it's a simple fix but my son had trouble walking and was in and out of it the entire time his sugar was low. I hope they figure out soon what's going on.

Best wishes and lots of prayers!

Hope they get to the bottom of this. Here’s to a quick recovery. Good luck!

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