Too much..... -

Too much…..

I know I have said this before but I’m saying it again.  I question whether or not I’m strong enough to keep going.  It’s not that I don’t want to,  it’s just too much.

Days like today I just can’t see myself surviving much more of. There is just too many things I have to do and not enough of me to do them.

This whole move thing is killing me.  I can’t find anywhere to go.  I did find a house about a week ago out in Hartville,  but we just missed it. There is nothing available that will meet our needs and I’m becoming discouraged. 

I feel like every day we stay here,  I’m putting my family at risk. It’s a horrible feeling,  not to mention a helpless one. 

Lizze is really in bad shape and so things in general aren’t going very well.  She goes back to the neurologist on Friday but it likely won’t make any difference.  She is in so much pain anymore that she’s sick to her stomach all the time.  Her current migraine has been there for many weeks now.

Emmett is becoming very difficult to manage.  He’s become very aggressive lately and is into absolutely everything.  He also has started throwing anything and everything he can get his hands on.  He’s throughly exhausting and completely overwhelming.  The constant screaming…oh god..the constant screaming.

Gavin is driving me crazy because he is either not listening or unable to remember just about anything I tell him.  I’m constantly having to repeat myself and I now officially hate the sound of my own voice. He was doing really well for awhile but now he’s becoming more and more infantile.  While it’s not his fault,  it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Elliott is a complete emotional wreck.  I have no idea what to do with him. Elliott and Emmett are a very volatile combination right now as well.  However,  that’s mostly Emmett’s doing.  He will hit Elliott or take a toy he’s playing with and sets off the emotional eruption that is Mt.  Elliott.

I still have to battle the school district and figure out what’s going on with Gavin?  I have to find a safer place for my family to live and keep us from losing what we already have. 

I’m lost,  I’m tired and I just need everything to stop.  I need catch my breath and keep moving forward.

– Lost and Tired

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I sumtimes wonder how I keep going, well all the time actually! I can’t do this, I don’t wanna do it, iv had enough blahh blahh. I’ll cry mooch about then carry on..ul do it cus look at u, u r doin it xx

Carina Hunt

just so you know I found you because of the weighted blanket giveaway and although I can't compare as I only have one son with Aspergers Syndrome, it does give me comfort to know that I'm not the only one that loves my little man but also am so tired sometimes. I am beginning to hate my own voice and have to keep saying "no, no put it down, I said no!!!" and it is just exhausting!!! Keep your head up and know that you are helping others!!!

Stay strong and keep doing what you are doing!!! You are very inspirational to many people =)


I originally caught your post….somewhere…oh, we're in the same Tribe(r)…saw your profile, etc, etc. HI! Now that the formalities is aside.

I originally read this on my phone and had to come in to say…breathe.

Sigh…you have more than your share on your plate. There's no comparison. Someone is always worse and tons are always better. The fact is, you're here and it's more than hard. I hope you can get some strength and resilience to move on through this mountain and to the next knowing people are listening and thinking of you and your family.

Pam Mace

There's nothing i can do to help, except to let you know we value your blog. We also have days like this, though it feels our difficulties are tiny compared to yours. Please just know you're valued and that there will be a valley on the other side of this mountain. Hugs.


Thanks Pam. I think everything is relative. What I\’m going through is nothing compared to what others are. I totally appreciate your support.


This actually means a great deal to us. Thanks for your support 🙂

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