Is it over yet? -

Is it over yet?

Emmett’s on a roll today.  I love him dearly,  but am so grateful it’s bedtime.  So far today he has pee’d on the carpet (for seemily no reason),  flushed cardboard toilet paper rolls down the toilet,  clogged the sink by stuffing toilet paper down the drain and ended the day by flushing Elliott jumbo sized pen down the toilet as well.

Apparently, the toilet paper rolls were lonely or something. 

All of this only accounts for the bathroom and plumbing related issues today. 

He assaulted Lizze at least twice,  scratched Elliott’s neck and jumped on Gavin’s face,  giving him a bloody lip.

To say that Lizze and I are exhausted would be an understatement.  Plus,  someone thought it would be a good idea to have no school on Monday.   

How was everyone else’s day?  Please feel free to share….  😉

– Lost and Tired

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mine was bad too. my oldest son almost sat the microwave on fire while he was making a sandwich.
my middle son burned his cheek with the cooking pan while i was cooking. I think that will leave a mark .
finally the youngest one drank 60 ml of multi-vitamin medicine. he has diarrhea now. 🙁
all of this because I decided to bake a cookies for a change !!!!!

A typical day in our house! I sympathise. What is it with toilets and toilet rolls?! My eldest has caused more floods in the bathroom than we care to remember.


Would Emmett be able to figure out a toilet lid lock? A combo of that and a bell on the bathroom door might you buy you some time…

Mine wasn’t so bad, crayons and rotten leaves in the bathroom sink. Had to plunge forever with very hot water. Wasn’t stuck in the U but in the wall. And the toilet roll flushing sounds familiar, lol.

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