This year’s flu shots are gonna suck

Every year our boys get their flu shots. I know some people don’t agree with that but it’s our choice.  Typically,  the boys received the nasomist instead of the actual shot.  It was less traumatic for them.

However,  this year has brought with it new health complications that have changed our approach to flu shots. 

In light of Elliott and Gavin’s recent asthma diagnosis,  they can no longer receive the nasomist.  They now have to get the actual shot. 

Because Emmett is allergic to eggs he has to receive the vaccine at the immunologist.  To make matters worse,  he can only receive a small amount at a time.  So he will need at least 2 injections that day.  He’ll get the first one and then wait about 30 minutes and get the remaining dose. 

That’s not going to be fun at all. 

Elliott and Gavin are scheduled for this Thursday and I’m not sure about Emmett.  However,  Elliott is home sick today.  His may have to be put off now.

I promised them ChicFilet after their shots so they are sort of looking forward to it now. However,  come time for the appointment, they will both be singing a different tune..???

– Lost and Tired

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Andrea Stiglet Cassidy

Wow, that must be tough! I stopped giving my kids 6&8 the flu shots .I think 3 years ago.Although they did get the mist 2 years ago.I have been fortunate that asthma is not a problem with mine.Mine has pretty bad seasonal allergies and was getting sinus infections every other month,the 8yr. with autism.We started giving him netipots everynight ,it's been about 1.5 years now,it cut down on his infections bigtime!


Yeah, this is the first year of asthma for us. My kids are prone to respiratory infections and now we know why. My oldest has a major immunodeficiency which coupled with the asthma is a big concern as far as the flu goes.

The vaccine has worked well over the years but this is the first year for the shots, so that kinda sucks.

Also you mentioned the sinus infections. Our oldest Gavin, was being treated for years for allergies and nothing helped. Turned out to be chronic sinusitis as a result of the immunodeficiency and not allergies. This has been a pretty crazy year for us.


With having asthma, my son's doctor requires that he get the flu shot, because it can affect their asthma if they get sick. Everyone in our family gets a flu shot, except for me. Thankfully, I do not get sick very often.
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Lost and Tired

Exactly what our doctor has said….. Asthma is a big concern..


last time we got flu shots….my 7 year old sister (who was 5 or 6 at the time) screamed until her nose started to gush blood.. we have not been back since…we just get sick now and take it. O_O

Andrea Stiglet Cassidy

btw,I am not looking for an argument about the vaccines..Just always interested in others reasons for treatments..etc.. that have children with autism.


Not a problem at all. I like the dialog:-)

Andrea Stiglet Cassidy

So,I'm curious what your reasons are for doing the vaccine?:)


To avoid the flu. My oldest has no immune system, so we need to protect him as well as everyone else in the house.