Today’s Victory 11/15/2011

While some people would look at this and not see the victory,  I do.  As a special needs parent,  I have learned to see the bigger picture.

Why is this a victory?  Well the answer is simple. Emmett has two different kinds of food,  on one plate.  This never happens.

Not only is the food coexisting on the same plate but they are actually touching.  This is also a rarity.

Way to go Emmett.  I wanted to share this because I was really excited to witness this.

While it’s true that my boys struggle many areas,  I’m so proud of who they are and all the progress that have made,  both big and small.  🙂


– Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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so happy for y'all! these victories mean so much!! personally, all of my family knows that at all family events, we use divided plates, not because of Chris~who couldn't care less, honestly~but because I have a weird food thing. I can't handle my food touching, and I eat one thing at a time, fully, moving around my plate clockwise. hopefully, if you try the divided plates, it will help!

Way to Go!!! The first time my son had a sandwich I called everyone I knew 😀 That was when he was 7.



Just wondering if you guys have ever tried the plates that have different sections for each food. x3

Still way to go :3 Every little bit counts 😀


Actually I don\’t know if we have. Well I know we have while he was in the hospital but not at home. I should pick of the paper plates that are divided. If that helps than I will get the plastic ones.

I\’m not sure what bothers him the most about the food being on the same plate. Maybe if it was divided by actual sections then he would tolerate it better.

Thanks, great idea.. 🙂

Kay Turner

Well done Emmett!


Thank you very much 🙂