Today's Victory: 11/18/2011 -

Today’s Victory: 11/18/2011


I pretty excited about today’s victory. Emmett and Gavin took turns while playing Kinect.  This never happens.  Emmett doesn’t comprehend the whole concept of sharing,  so this typically doesn’t go well. 

Emmett took turns tonight with Gavin and they had alot of fun together. 

Actually,  now that I think about it,  this is really a double victory.  I say that because Gavin actually did well also. Typically speaking,  Gavin and video games don’t mix well. 

With that said,  today was a victory that I’m quite excited about.  I’m especially proud of Emmett for taking turns so well. 

Way to go guys.  🙂

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That’s awesome! Especially with them not feeling well. 😀

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