New Goals and New Outlook -

New Goals and New Outlook

I’m making a conscious decision to try and be more positive in 2012. I won’t be fluffy or fake but I also want to spend more time on the little victories.
I will always be realistic about things as I truly believe that is the very best approach to Autism Awareness.  I just want to celebrate my children’s accomplishments more publicly going forward.  I want people to take comfort and know that they are not alone in the struggle and heartbreak that can go along with Autism.  I want people to understand that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and even resentful at times.  I think I have done pretty well so far with that.

However,  while it’s important people not feel alone,  it’s equally, and arguably even more important to provide hope to those who need it. My goal is to show and share how my kids triumph and overcome obstacles. While I realize that everyone is different and all experiences are relative,  I’m hoping that our story can provide those that find themselves Lost and Tired at some point with hope that things can improve. 

I also realize that my family is sort of extreme,  at least in the sense that we have three boys on the spectrum and a host of other major health issues,  as well as one parent chronically ill. 

I want people to see that despite all we have on our plate,  we never give up.  I know that not everyone will be able to see things this way and I completely understand.  That doesn’t mean, that someone won’t benefit from reading our story and maybe even learning from our mistakes.

Anyway,  I’m getting called away now by three overtimulated and currently screaming boys.  I just wanted to share this..  🙂

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I want to work on becoming more positive as well. Great post! I guess it's how we respond to the chaos that defines us, right? 🙂
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Could NEVER say you’re not fighting the good sir. You’re always on my mind (@Bedwa over on twitter.)


I've been reading your blogs everyday now. The 1st one I read was about the homeless who reminded you of Gavin. I was in tears while reading. Then I read 10 things my autistic kids want you to know. I was crying like a baby. It was as if my son was speaking to me through your words. My son is 4 and is on the autism spectrum as well. I find it extremely hard to find people who under stand what I think and feel but reading your blogs gives me extreme comfort. We may not know eachother but your words are true and inspire me. You are a stand up father and I applaud you. Keep spreading Autism awareness, as will I.

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