Progress? Yes and No -

Progress? Yes and No

Emmett has been potty trained for most of the year but still struggles with the clean up aspect. 

However,  yesterday Emmett went potty and wiped himself when he done.

I know what your thinking,  awesome..right?

Well,  yes and no.  Yes, it’s good that he took the initiative because that shows independence.  However, the rain on the parade was the fact that he wiped himself on the couch. 

So,  as you see,  I’m torn as to how I should categorize this one. 🙂

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Patsy Nape

It's neat how you can see good in these situations. I have to admit I had to chuckle at this one.

Elliott's mom

I love your posts, makes me feel not so alone! I'm also glad you have a sense of humor about things, I mean we really need to for our sanity, lol.

jdelano on xda

I think it is time to install a bidet!! Though you might never get them out of the bathroom!! 🙂


Oh no. I see your conflict. Applaud the fact that he "did it" himself! Discourage the fact that he used the couch rather than the "potty paper." You poor thing!

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