5th Antibody Infusion: All hooked up -

5th Antibody Infusion: All hooked up



Gavin has begun his IVIG infusion.  This will take several hours and Gavin is manic so he’s talking nonstop right now.  This is going to be a very long morning/afternoon.

After the infusion is done he with receive a small flush of about 250cc’s of normal saline. Then he will be disconnected and released into the wild.  🙂

This would be relatively relaxing if it wasn’t for his incessant talking. 

I have my headphones on and am listening to music and catching up on a few shows.  However,  every 30 seconds,  he’s asking be some completely random question and repeats itself over and over until I respond. 

Really?  I mean he has the PS3 to pass the time and all I want to do is read my book,  watch the Office and maybe listen to some music.  🙁

I need a vacation…  🙂

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