Threshold,  that’s an interesting word. Threshold basically refers to a point of satuatation,  essentially meaning nothing else can be absorbed.

We often hear things like,  she has a very high threshold for pain.
I actually say that about my wife because she can she can cope with extremely high levels of pain.

I also will frequently refer to thresholds when talking about my three boys with Autism.  Usually I’m implying something in regards to sensory overload.

Let me say it this way,  while at Thanksgiving this year,  Gavin hit and exceeded his sensory threshold,  resulting in overstimulation and subsequently, massive meltdowns.
As time goes on,  Gavin seems to have and lower and lower threshold for everything.  This puts us in a very precarious position.  We have to significantly reduce the amount of stimulating activities…..for everyone. 

I say everyone, because Gavin has a very symbiotic relationship with everyone in the Lost and Tired household. 

By symbiotic,  I mean Gavin ebbs and flows with the overall mood of the house. If Elliott or Emmett are overly excited,  Gavin will be as well,  regardless of whether or not he was involved in the activity that caused the excitement in the first place. 

As you can imagine,  this is a very difficult, if not a largely impossible task. However,  despite the difficulty,  it’s vitally important that we do the best we can. 

If this morning was a sign of how this week is going to go,  we are in trouble. 

I took the boys to school and as Gavin was getting out of the van,  his shoe came untied.  He immediately,  began to meltdown.  He slammed the door open to the school and stomping his feet,  he stormed the school building. 

All over a single shoe lace.

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