We just survived a massive tantrum

We just survived Gavin having his first, truly massive tantrum since returning home.  He was talking about something that was not appropriate for his little brothers and Lizze asked him to stop at least 6 times and he just kept going. 

I was upstairs trying to get some work done and by time I was got downstairs, Gavin was already winding up.

The consequences were that he won’t be able to spend the night at Lizze’s parents on Friday. 

He lost it. 

The tantrum that ensued was nothing short of massive and full of drama. He was totally trying to manipulate us by his behavior. 

I sat in a chair and took a calm, yet firm approach. I was verbally tough but not abusive in any way. 

This is the only approach that works. 

While many people may feel that I’m too hard on him or I’m not showing him any compassion, they’re wrong.  What that tells me is that they have never dealt with a child like Gavin and they can’t tell the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown. 


This event was documented because I always want to make sure that we can prove what took place.  Also, enlight of our brush with Child Protective Services, it’s even more important to document these events if they should ever be called into question.

I’m hesitant to share this video because this whole CPS thing has changed everything for us. 

Having said that, they are aware of this site and it’s purpose.  If I back down and allow fear to dictate what I share, than the person that started this whole investigation by filing a false complaint, would have won.

Lizze and I have to talk about this,  but for now I’ve shared what took place

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Trish Morrin

I hope things get better. Sending love your way guys.

Debra Anne

My son has major anger and sometimes violent episodes/meltdown and it is scary to say the least! He is 13 & 90 kilos of strong rage. He see’s a mental health worker has done for years, i also video recorded his meltdowns and respiradol was suggested. I try to not give him medication, but when i see the storm brewing it does help save himself from himself. Holes in walls, ive been spat on, so has his brother, windows smashed, abusive language etc etc. I bought myself a new galaxy s 111 phone as a gift to myself, when my son thought i was filming him ( which this time i wasnt) he got my phone and smashed it !! $550.00 gone within the week. Lost, lonely and tired, thankyou for sharing your experiences, it gives me that extra bit of strength when i feel like giving up. Thankyou again and i have nothing but respect and admiration for people/parents such as yourselves..