When they just can’t fall asleep

When they just can’t fall asleep



A few years ago we were struggling with bedtime,  even more than we are now.  After consulting our many doctors,  we decided to try Melatonin. 

We were nervous about “drugging” our kids,  just to get them to sleep.  However,  we did a ton of research and our docs are top notch,  so we decided to give it a try. 

OMG,  I don’t know how we ever got along without it.

Melatonin helps the boys peacefully drift off to sleep,  when it would normally have been a struggle.

We only use it when it’s needed but Melatonin has been proven safe and effective,  with few, if any side effects.

We have found it work very quickly. Elliott,  for example, will take 2mls and be asleep before we finish reading his stories.

It can help make bedtime a much more pleasant experience for both parents and children. I thought I would share this. 

Anyone care to share their Melatonin experience?

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Works great for our daughter, however you people in the US thank your lucky stars you can walk into a shop and buy it off the shelf. Here we have to get a doctors prescription for it, it costs around about US$18 for 30 tablets, plus the cost to go to the doctor. We can't even ship it in from overseas through the internet, customs blocks it.

Lukes neurologist put him on melatonin a long time ago! It’s a natural hormone so it’s not harmful at all! Works great!

Tara any brand is good they have disolving tablets as well as liquid… Check your local drug stores or vitamin shops…. Start off with 2mg….if that doesnt work move up in 1mg increments up to 5mg but no more than that for a 5yr old

I want to try giving it to my 5 year old son! What brand do you buy and how much do you give a child?


Great feedback everyone. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂


This is something I have been thinking about…thanks for the insight…we might just try it too!
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Tracy Gallagher on F

Melatonin helps my son go to sleep altho it doesnt keep him asleep + still wakes during the nite. It def makes our bedtime routine alot calmer and quicker!

Melatonin helps my son go to sleep altho it doesnt keep him asleep + still wakes during the nite. It def makes our bedtime routine alot calmer and quicker!


I personally use melatonin before school days, usually when I'm just so anxious I can't get to sleep because I'm worrying about what I'll be learning, how well I'll be able to focus, if I have a test I forgot about, etc etc. It's really helped me get to sleep on my sleepless nights (when I used to get so desperate at 6 a.m and take benadryl just to get to sleep and wake up with a headache).

I suggested it to my mate, who is ADHD with a touch of OCD and probably PTSD, and last night it helped him get to sleep pretty easily. We both take 2.5 mgs, by splitting a 5 mg pill in half. I can't take liquid meds too easily so I opt for the small pills.

A Morning Grouch

I have tried melatonin in the past, with zero effects, positive or negative. Granted, I do not have autism, so not sure if my comment is irrelevant, but I do have significant sleep issues, and didn't find any relief there. 🙁

Alexia Herbowy Conrad

Melatonin works for us, combined with a bed tent that helps keep Theo safe and allows him to rock back to sleep and not wander. Now, if I could only get used to those night- time sounds:-)


I LOVE MELATONIN!!! Like you, I was wary, but now I just don't know how we ever survived without it.

Yes Rob melatonin is great! My daughter that is not A/S but was abused by a family friend and has trouble sleeping due ti emotional trauma takes it…it helps her a lot. However it unfortunately has no effect on Hayden he sleeps about 30 minutes every other night so he is on something a bit stronger.


My son also takes melatonin at bedtime and has been for a few years, without it he would not get the sleep he needs and it is natural so I feel better about that then turning to a prescription sleep aid. It works wonders for us, glad it is helping you also!!

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