Natural Curiosity -

Natural Curiosity


After taking Lizze to the doctor’s and running to the school to pick up the boys,  we finally arrived home.

Upon approaching the front door,  all I wanted to do was get out of the cold and finish up some things around the house before Lizze got home. 

The boys however,  had other plans. 

They discovered that that bird bath was frozen over.  They wanted to feel the ice and poke at it with a stick.

As tired as I was,  I remembered to take some of my own advice and seize the moment and help them to learn something new.  So we played with the ice for a few minutes and talked about what ice was and why it was there. 

After a few minutes,  their natural curiosity was satisfied and they flowed me into the house. 

I really believe that it’s very important to seize moments like this to help my kids experience and learn about their world. 

They learn something and I enjoy the time together.  🙂

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Rhiannon Fieri

I had a very similar moment with Ash last week! Dinner before bed was already being extended so that he could have part of an ice pop to soothe his sore throat (he had another cold), which had been irritated by the orange juice I had him drinking for the vitamin C. A little piece of ice fell onto his plate as he was clipping the plastic down himself (this actually proves easier for him than managing to continually push up the ice), and a minute later, he noticed that it had turned into a tiny puddle. Dinner ended up a little more extended and bedtime ended up a little more delayed, as we learned about ice and water, etc. 🙂 Totally worth it.


That\’s awesome. I live for those moments. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Steven Perrin

Absolutely right! You can gain so much more from these moments with your kids than from anything that you might try to do deliberately. I'm pleased you enjoyed it as well.


Thanks Steven. 🙂 My kids are very hands on and as their parents, my wife and I are their most important teacher. 🙂

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