The impact of choices can be painful

The impact of choices can be painful


Today,  Emmett was playing with Gavin and Elliott.  Gavin was running around with his safe blanket wrapped around his neck. 
Emmett decided that tug of War would be a fun game and so he grabbed the blanket that was dangling behind Gavin.

For starters,  Gavin should not have had anything wrapped around his neck. That is a very bad example for his brothers and we have already had that discussion many times.

Gavin was walking away as. Emmett was holding on to the blanket. The whole time the blanket was pulling tighter and tighter around Gavin’s neck.  What I don’t understand is why Gavin was holding the blanket around his neck?.

If he would let go of the blanket it would have simply fallen to the floor. 

However,  he waited until Emmett had all his weight into trying to pull the blanket off of Gavin’s neck before he let the blanket go. 
This resulted in Emmett being launched backwards and into the dresser.  While Emmett is OK,  he will have a nasty bruise on his back.

This is what triggered Gavin’s second or third meltdown for the day.

I don’t know why he waited so long to let go of the blanket?  I don’t know what his motives were or whether he intentionally waited until Emmett would get hurt to let go.

All I know is that his decisions are causing,  at least at times,  people to get hurt. These times are becoming more and more frequent. 

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Why did either boy wait so long to let go? Sometimes kids just do things….

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