Autism, PICA and my sanity (pt 2)

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Gavin made it through his appointment and his bowel is not obstructed. We may be dealing with IBS.

However,  after some prying I learned that Gavin is once again eating toothpaste. 

It appears as though I need to lock everything up once again.

Of all complications that come along with Gavin’s Autism,  the PICA is one of the most challenging.  Some of you out there understand and yet some of you couldn’t even imagine the things that Gavin has ingested. 

There is always a reason to be concerned and always cause to assume the worst.


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Definitely! He used to be fascinated with squeezing and spray anything he could get his hands on like toothpaste and cleaning products and breaking my candle wicks off and pouring stuff anywhere you get the picture! But he has gotten better! Hope you will get a reprieve on this as well… Sucks having an issue with absolutely everything!’

Luke used to eat toothpaste. He would sneak out of bed and get the toothpaste and mouthwash both and take it back to his bed. He would also just smear it around and pour out the mouthwash. Ugh I’m glad he’s over that phase.

Frustrating isn’t it. I thought we were past this as well, guess not 🙁