Scary Thoughts -

Scary Thoughts

Gavin just came downstairs to tell me that he just had a scary thoughtScary Thoughts are Gavin’s way of describing his visual hallucinations.

He told me that he was walking in the bathroom and spikes went through his feet.

What the hell do you even say to that?

The scary thought I’m having is that his meds are no longer working.

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My son does similar things and I never thought he was having hallucinations but he will tell me some off the wall and scary things he will say that happened and to him these things are real…might have to look into this a little more, he has AS and is on meds for adhd…


Gavin has schizoaffective disorder which is basically schizophrenia and bipolar combined as well as Autism.

To him, that\’s the only way he has to describe what he is experiencing.


Medications? auto correct sucks. and yes that is a scary thought. Hate med changes.
My son hasn't had hallucinations (that I am aware of). I wouldn't know how to respond but I vaguely remember I think you are supposed to try to tell them it didn't happen. but usually the person is pretty certain it happened & gets upset when you tell them it was a hallucination. hope if meds, they get adjusted & work.
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