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I’m currently sitting at therapy with Gavin. He has OT,  PT and speech therapy today,  back to back to back.

Every Monday,  I sit here for at least 1.5 hours while he received the therapy he needs.  I’m so grateful that he has this but honestly,  it gets old after awhile and the time just sorta drags on and on.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s,  Emmett has the very same back to back to back therapy sessions.

By the time it’s all said and done,  I spend over 5 hours in therapy with the boys and that does not include when Elliott starts. It also doesn’t include the other therapies and doctors appointments through out the week.

I figured that many others out there do similar things and so I thought I could help give a bit of perspective to those out there are not walking the special needs journey,  but knows someone that is.

Special needs parenting is a huge commitment and is very,  very time consuming.

This week alone,  I’ll spend about 10+  hours at doctors and other various therapies for my boys.  Believe it or not but some parents actually spend more time than that and some spend less.

This is actually a slower week for the Lost and Tired family but we will make up for in the weeks to come.

This is also just one small aspect of special needs parenting. It’s one small piece to a much larger picture.  However,  I’m hoping to shed some light on just a small part of the commitment,  we as special needs parents make for the kids we love more than anything else in the world.

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