Guilted and Manipulated

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After Gavin had regained his composure from his first meltdown of the day,  I wiped the slate clean and  started the day over.

We had decided that we would try to split up this afternoon and one of us stay behind with Gavin.

However, things have since changed.

Gavin took it upon himself to guilt Elliott into not wanting to go visit his grandparents.

Elliott came downstairs and said the he no longer wanted to go because Gavin couldn’t go.  If Gavin was allowed to go then he would change his mind. As he is saying this, Gavin is peaking his head around the corner sporting a huge grin. 

I hadn’t said anything Elliott about Gavin not going today and Lizze has been in bed with a migraine for hours so it wasn’t her.

Gavin appeared quite proud of himself as I called him to come downstairs and explain how Elliott found out that he wasn’t going today.  Gavin knew he was busted and so entered the second meltdown of the day.

Now we aren’t going anywhere.  It was stupid to even try to pull this off. 

I’m at the end of my rope with Gavin right now.  Whether it’s his fault or not,  he’s driving me absolutely crazy.  Lizze’s migraine is back with a vengeance,  so she has been sleeping all day and I have been left to try and cope with this on my own. 

I need someone to figure out what the freaking hell is going on with Gavin.  In a perfect world,  I would know exactly what was within his control and what isn’t. That would make dealing with all of this much easier. 

Of course,  in a perfect world Gavin wouldn’t have any of these problems and I would be venting on the blog right now.

I’m beginning to turn into a grinch at this point.

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What would happen if you still took the 2 younger kids and more or less ignored G's influence on the situation? Whether or not it's technically in his control, he still can't be allowed to ruin it for others. I really hope you find out what is really going on with him and get some real help. I know this must be so hard, esp with your wife ill and you having to deal with it all. I agree that you all need respite. You can't go on like this, although I am sure you know that. I'm sorry it's so hard….
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I am so sorry you guys never get a break! I feel stressed out a lot having four kids and one that is Autistic but I couldn’t imagine what you and your wife are going through! Do you get respite for Gavin to give you and your wife a break at all? I get services for my son and they take him as much as three times a week to give us a break!