New year, new problems -

New year, new problems

2012 hasn’t even arrived yet and we are facing new and frightening challenges. Gavin is continuing to decline and he is presenting with new symptoms.

His current list of confirmed diagnoses are as follows: Aspergers, Schizoaffective Disorder, Psychosis,  PICA, ADHD, Primary Immunodeficiency, PTSD, Asthma, OCD, Reflux, IBS and an Unknown Exotic Degenerative Neurological Disease. This covers the major issues.

Today we have possibly added to the list once again. It appears that Gavin may be having seizures. The seizures have not been witnessed but the post ictal phase has been.

Shortly after the first of the year, he will be having a 24 hour eeg done, to better understand what is happening.

We will also be meeting with the worlds top mitochondrial specialist, Dr. Cohen, who just happens to be at Akron Children’s Hospital. That is a new frontier for us as Gavin has never had a mitochondrial study done.

However, it also marks the end of the road as far as diagnostics at this point as everything else has already been done. All of our hope lies in this new doctor.

We have exhaustively searched for answers throughout most of Gavin’s life and have rarely been met with anything more than additional questions and utter frustration.

Every doctor we meet is completely stumped and when you reach the end of what the Cleveland Clinic is capable of doing, you aren’t left with much hope. I can only pray that 2012 will bring with it long sought after answers.

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Do you use any alternative meds with him to help with some of these diagnosis. We were kind of in the same boat with regression and unanswered questions on treatments of immune deficiency, gut and reflux issues, asthma and severe allergies to foods and environment, and autism itself including agression and focus. By starting the alternative route, though we did not see CURE we saw symptoms getting relieved and started to head in a progressive direction. Prayers you find the answers your looking for.

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