6th Antibody Infusion: Prepped -

6th Antibody Infusion: Prepped

After he was weighed in and his vitals checked,  he needed to be prepped for the infusion.

I couldn’t find the ENMA (I think) to put on his arms before we left so this will take an extra hour to complete.  We have to wait for the ENMA to numb his arm before they start the infusion.

He also receives other medications as well to help his body better tolerate the foreign antibodies that are being infused.

These medications take about an hour to kick in.
While he waits,  he’s playing Phineas and Ferb on the PS3.



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Pandy Nicholas

My boy goes through this every Saturday morning too. Big hugs to you and your family xxxx

Cindy Wolf

the cream you use to numb the skin – I think it’s called EMLA cream. We’ve not used it, but I’ve heard other parents refer to it before.

Lost and Tired

Oh. Yeah. That was a typo. Sorry

Lost and Tired

Cindy Wolf what do you mean?

Cindy Wolf


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