It’s already a rough morning

I haven’t even left yet and we’re already off to a rough start. Gavin’s having a difficult morning and I’m frustrated. I sometimes fail to maintain perspective and it’s something I need to work on.

Gavin has come so far and while he does pretty well in everyday life, especially in a relatively controlled environment, things quickly unravel when he gets emotional. He just has a hard time dealing with emotions.

This morning he started to use the stove without asking. Yes, I know he’s 22 years old, and does a good job, he needs to ask so that I’m aware he’s using it and can intervene if need be. He can be forgetful and I need to keep tabs on things like using the stove or oven. There’s only been a few times where there has been a problem but it’s a safety thing and I just don’t want to compromise on that.

Anyway, he was upset because he forgot to ask but was coping pretty well. I did not allow him to use the stove because he didn’t ask and I’m hoping that helps to remind him. I can also put up some visual reminders as well. He really does benefit from visual cues.

He decided to have a bowl of cereal but was moving too quickly and dropped the bowl on the floor, causing it to shatter all over the kitchen.

I’m supposed to be leaving for this public health thing and he’s not in the best place. I got everything cleaned up and he’s decided to eat breakfast in his room and listen to music. I can hear him laughing right now so he’s coming out of it. He tends to bounce back better as he’s gotten older. On flipside, I’ve found myself more easily frustrated as I get older.

We’re just going to shake this off and get on with our day.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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