The 1st Meltdown of 2012 -

The 1st Meltdown of 2012

We’re barely into the new year and Gavin is already having problems. He had a fit on the stairs this morning resulting in him getting a splinter in his foot.

That splinter lead to a meltdown to him terrifying his brothers and even Maggie.

This is not going to be a good day. Our goal was to visit with Lizze’s family today but Gavin is already having. Gavin problems and any further stimulation,  no matter how positive it would be,  will further push him over the edge.

I’m not in the mood for meltdowns today so I’m not looking forward to being awake the rest of the day……

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John Ross Barnes

Our son, 8, also has big bad meltdowns, but fewer than he was at beginning of school year. They're still going back and forth between Pediatrician, psychologist & behavioral development Dr and on the other side all the school people – teacher, special ed person, autism person(who says he's not that used to a lot less functional kids), school district psychologist, school counselor.

Anyhow, thanks for making this site and letting us into your lives as you have.
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