Focusing on the positive -

Focusing on the positive

Gavin’s appointment with Dr. Reynolds went as good as it really could have. He’s doing about the same and so there aren’t any changes at this point. We’re going to monitor his labs once a week from this point forward and try and keep everything the same until we get into Hematology.

I don’t know. Perhaps this is part of what’s eating me alive? I’m so worried about Gavin and it’s exhausting. I need to cope a little better because things aren’t likely to get better, The reality is that things will only get worse as time goes by. I have to be able to deal with this in a healthier way.

For right now, I’m focusing on the fact that Gavin is doing okay. I’m grateful for that and that’s about the biggest positive I can pull out of this today. I just need to keep moving forward and stay in the moment.

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